Home Movie Transfer        $7.00 Per tape

Any of these formats can be converted to dvd. VHS, High 8, VHS-C or Mini Tapes. 


$2 extra for a custom printed labeling of your dvd. 

$3 extra for printed picture on dvd

There is a minumum charge of $10.00 for just 1 tape. 2 tape order is $20

3 tape order is $25.


Up to 2 hours per tape, longer tapes will be an additional charge.

Picture Slideshows
$1 per picture for your first 50 images. All remaining pictures are .50 cents each.
.50 cents each for old slides
.25 cents each If your images are on a CD or flashdrive
Please be sure your pictures are in the sequence you want them to appear on the video before they are dropped off. 


Background Music and Titles
There is no charge for music as long as your requested songs are either provided by you or available in my library. If not, then you will be charged the cost of the download which should be no more than $1.50 per song.
Adding text to your video is a charge of .10 cents per word which can  have any point in your project to notate a person, place, date or have as an introduction or ending credits for your video.



We can mass produce as many dvd copies as you need. 


Packaged in a paper sleeve

 $3 each

Custom Printed DVD

$2 for each a general label     $3 each for a picture printed on disc

Packaged in a storage case with custom printed sleeve and disc

$10 each     



There is a charge of $40.00 per hour for any time spent working on your project. If you need to spend studio time to sit with me to personalize your project to suite your needs then call to schedule an appointment. This fee does not apply to picture slideshows.